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Presentation Night 7th June 2018

By Valerie Jarvis · Posted 4 Jun 2018 at 13:38 · 570 views · 0 comments

Presentation Night is on Thursday 7th June. The proceedings will start at approximately 7.00pm with the Doubles Final between Stewart Bonavia/Chris O'Connor and Jay Brathing/James Burns. This will be followed by the Singles Final between Kharim Robles and Jesse Ignacio.
Presentation will then take place to all the winners and runners up of the league and top scorers etc.
First Division winners are Arena Pirates and runners-up FEC Stars
Second Division winners are Cybarmen and runners-up The Snipers
Third Division winners are Ladbrokes Coral Not a Cue and runners up Hound Dogs.
Food will be provided.
All members are welcome. Come on down to Jumpers Bastion and enjoy a great night of pool.

Presentation Night


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