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Day 4 and 5 (Sunday 5 November and Monday 6 November)

By Charles Bear · Posted 5 Nov 2017 at 11:55 · 420 views · 0 comments

SIngles to note from all Categories.

In the Men's both Kharim Lopez Robles and Guy Olivero lost in the Last 32. Kharim had a gruesome match straight down to the wire eventually loosing 5-4. Guy lost 5-2.
In the Ladies event Nicky Correa lost her Quarter Final match in a gruesome 5-4 defeat straight to the wire.

Monday saw Gibraltar back in the Team events again with a few matches in all categories. Results are shown below.

Gibraltar Ladies 6 v 19 N.Ireland Ladies
Gibraltar Ladies 9 v 15 England

Gibraltar Men's A 4 v 21 Ireland Men's A (Sunday)
Gibraltar Men's A 10 v 15 Scotland
Gibraltar Men's A 4 v 21 Enlgand
Gibraltar Men's A 9 v 16 France

GIbraltar Men's B 11 v 10 Australia Men's B1 (Another win)
GIbraltar Men's B 3 v 18 England B
GIbraltar Men's B 4 v 17 Australia B
GIbraltar Men's B 3 v 18 Scotland B

Gibraltar Seniors 5 v 20 Ireland
Gibraltar Seniors 2 v 23 Wales

Gibraltar Masters 6 v 19 Catalonia
Gibraltar Masters 7 v 18 France

That is all for the day.

Tuesday will be the last day p, keep you posted at the end of day.

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