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Nations Cup (Day 2, Day 3) Another win for the Men's A.

By Charles Bear · Posted 5 Nov 2017 at 01:43 · 419 views · 0 comments

Day 2 of competition saw all teams competing in their respective team events.

Day 3 was singles day for Senior's, Ladies and Masters.

In the singles we ha e Nicky Correa shining in the ladies by still being in the competition. She will play her Quarter Final match tomorrow. WELL DONE NICKY! Also Jenny Rumbado reached the last 32.

DAY 2 TEAM EVENTS. (Friday 3rd November)

Gibraltar Ladies 6 - 19 France

Gibraltar Men's A 13 - 12 Catalonia Men's A
Gibraltar Men's A 5 - 20 Australia Men's A

Gibraltar Men's B 6 - 15 Ireland Men's B
Gibraltar Men's B 8 - 13 Malta Men's B2
Gibraltar Men's B 5 - 16 England Men's B2
Gibraltar Men's B 6 -15 N. Ireland Men's B

Gibraltar Senior's 7 - Catalonia Senior's 18

Gibraltar Masters 4 - 21 Wales Masters
Gibraltar Masters 9 - 16 Malta Masters (Bonus point achieved)

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