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European Chamipionships Day 3

By Alison Balban · Posted 7 Apr 2018 at 00:22 · 420 views · 0 comments

Today seen the U15's face two of the favourites to win the tournament ......England & Scotland.
True to form our boys battled some hard fought matches, but to say their opponents have hit top form would be an understatement. With the luck going against them the matches slowly slipped away and our lads couldn't turn it around.

Scotland 11-4 Gibraltar
England 13-2 Gibraltar

Seth Davidson was his usual self, full of energy and raring to go for his second round match this evening. Unfortunately, it was not to be his day with two black and white final shots adding to frustration and his opponents frame count. He played some great pool but just couldn't get over the line in his frames.

Seth Davidson 0-5 Nathaniel Atkin

Once again it was tough going for our squad, and despite all picking up frames the LD's still remain without a team win. Despite this, there's not a single player who isn't loving every second of being here.....both on and off the tables.

Gibraltar 1-24 England
Scotland 20-5 Gibraltar
N Ireland 19-6 Gibraltar

European Championship


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