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European Championships Day 4

By Alison Balban · Posted 8 Apr 2018 at 10:27 · 557 views · 0 comments

With the final match of the tournament our U15's were in with a slim chance of making the semifinals......on frame difference. Unfortunately, a 12-3 win over the previously defeated was too much to ask of them and as the early frames slipped away, so did the boys enthusiasm.

Wales 10-5 Gibraltar

I would just like to add that the way this team have conducted themselves both on and off the table is an example to all of us. Their etiquette, composure and sportsmanship was exemplary and many of their opponents could learn a lot from them. Undoubtedly they will have learnt from the experience. We as coaches have also earmarked areas to improve and I'm sure next time they will come back stronger.
Well played boys, you truly are a credit to the GPA

Once again the strength of the opposition proved to be too much for our team. Both experienced and new players have come away wishing to improve on their games and come back to compete at a higher more competitive level.

Gibraltar 5-20 Wales

Once again the LD coaches will work to help improve our boys and with the enthusiasm shown from the new players the future is bright .



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