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ADDITIONAL RULE 2 · By Valerie Jarvis · Posted 3 Dec 2017 at 20:20 · 0 comments

ADDITIONAL RULE 2 If a League team do not have 6 players for a match but only 4 or 5, the following rule applies: Slots 1-4 must be filled for the match to start. Either slot 5 or 6 may be left empty by way of tactics by the team which is short of players. The first two doubles matches must be played, with the third being automatically lost.


ADDITIONAL RULE · By Valerie Jarvis · Posted 30 Nov 2017 at 15:10 · 0 comments

ADDITIONAL RULE To avoid confusion in the League, an additional rule is now implemented. In any re-rack situation, the re-rack will always consist of 9 balls. Whoever broke then breaks again. Blackball rules allow for two types of re-racks, 9 and 15 balls, but this is a very grey area and we feel that, to keep it simple and consistent throughout the League , it is better...